Sanna Lightbar, by Teknion

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Sanna Lightbar Task Light, Freestanding provides a truly unique lighting experience through its shape and angles, transforming it from a companion ambient light to a work-focused task light. Sanna Lightbar can be playful and energizing, elevated and subtle. Complement your mood, task or time of day. Ergonomic and glare-free, the lightbar features a linear LED light integrated into a sophisticated swing-arm, 360° adjustment which covers a surprisingly wide area of desktop, and a woven cord. Fold the lightbar away to half its size, for controlled ambient lighting. Customize your space: choose from 3 base finish variations and 2 base styles (freestanding or table edge clamp).

  • Energize your day with the highest LUX-rated task light on the market
  • 2500 LUX illuminance
  • Calm your day with an optical dimmer range between 100 percent and 10 percent
  • 360° adjustment
  • full-range dim control with swipe selection 100/50/0
  • 6' woven cord
  • LED light specifications: 3000k color temperature, 50,000 hours, 8w power consumption, 120/220v 60 hz voltage, 90+cri, -610 lumens, 75 lumens/watt.
  • 6-hour automatic shut-off timer
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Lead Times: 2 weeks